Atacuri armate și atentate teroriste în Marea Britanie (cronologie, 2013-2017)

Cel puțin șase persoane au fost ucise la Londra, în seara zilei de 3 mai 2017, într-un atac terorist ce a avut loc în zona Podului Londrei, a informat poliția britanică. Mark more | mai mult»

Competitia intre firmele de transfer de bani , devine nucleara

Firmele de trimis de bani in alte tari,au inceput o lupta interna pentru a castiga o piata care valoreaza in jur de £390 miliarde de lire anual la nivel global. Companiile traditionale more | mai mult»

Marea temere a romanilor care muncesc in Marea Britanie dupa ce UK va parasi oficial UE: „M-a facut sa ma simt inferioara”

Romanii care muncesc in Marea Britanie se tem ca vor fi discriminati, dupa ce Regatul va parasi oficial Uniunea Europeana. Premierul Theresa May a anuntat luni ca va invoca mult mediatizatul Articol more | mai mult»

Avertisment pentru românii din Marea Britanie, după Brexit: Autoritățile române îi îndeamnă să își rezolve actele de ședere

Avertisment pentru românii din Marea Britanie, după Brexit. Aceștia sunt sfătuiți de Ambasada României la Londra să își rezolve problemele legate de ședere, în contextul Brexit-ului, adică să obțină certificatul de înregistrare more | mai mult»

Relatiile comerciale dintre Romania si Marea Britanie nu par afectate de Brexit. Ce a declarat ambasadorul britanic

Brexitul nu pare sa afecteze relatiile comerciale dintre Romania si Marea Britanie. Peste un sfert din hainele care ajung in magazinele noastre provin din Anglia. Si nu vorbim doar de lucuri noi, more | mai mult»

The Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC, TOATA massmedia din UK le arată britanicilor cei 5 viitori pârnăiași ai României

Romania crisis deepens as anti-corruption protest enters fourth day Emergency government decree to decriminalise official misconduct ‘not constitutional’, say key government allies. Protesters hold effigies depicting members of Romania’s leftist Social Democrat more | mai mult»

The Guardian : Thousands march against prison pardons in Romania „Down with the RED PLAGUE”

Critics of plan said to be aimed at easing overcrowding claim it would help government allies convicted of corruption. Thousands of people have marched through the Romanian capital and other cities to more | mai mult»

Alexandru Petrescu, propus ministru al Economiei, este fost bancher in Marea Britanie

Alexandru Petrescu, propus de PSD ministru al Economiei, este in prezent director general al Postei Romane, a fost presedinte al consiliului de administratie al CFR Calatori si a activat in sectorul bancar more | mai mult»

Presa din Marea Britanie : Romania’s president says he won’t name Muslim woman to be PM (n.r. Bravo Iohannis ! Dragnea and Tariceanu will destroy Romania)

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s president on Tuesday declined to nominate as prime minister an economist who could have become the country’s first female Muslim premier. President Klaus Iohannis said he had more | mai mult»

România se prezintă ca destinație turistică la World Travel Market London 2016

România se prezintă ca destinație turistică la Târgul Internațional de Turism World Travel Market London 2016, în perioada 7 – 9 noiembrie, informează vineri Autoritatea Națională pentru Turism. Aflat la cea de-a more | mai mult»

The Guardian : Romanian ambassador defends country’s contribution to NHS

Dan Mihalache addresses House of Lords inquiry into impact Brexit could have on rights of EU migrants in the UK The Romanian ambassador to the UK has said his country has made more | mai mult»

Român înjunghiat mortal pe stradă în Marea Britanie

Un tânăr în vârstă de 23 de ani din Braşov a fost înjunghiat mortal pe stradă, în Marea Britanie, poliţiştii susţinând că atacul a fost premeditat. Doi bărbaţi au fost arestaţi în more | mai mult»

Cui îi este teamă de Brexit? În nici un caz muncitorilor români din Marea Britanie

Un jurnalist britanic a constatat că doar 35 la sută dintre românii din UK consideră că Brexit-ul va fi un lucru rău pentru ei. Un jurnalist britanic, care și-a petrecut o bună more | mai mult»

Two Romanians who told police they were sex workers walk free from court

Two Romanians who told police they were sex workers have walked free from court after officers failed to caution them before their admissions. Liliana Alexe and Alina Lumbru had been on trial more | mai mult»

Atacul asupra magazinului românesc din Norwich, condamnat de ambasadorul României la Londra

„Sper că acest incident va rămâne o excepţie nefericită. Avem o cooperare foarte bună cu autorităţile britanice, ceea ce mă îndreptăţeşte să sper că acest moment va fi depăşit. A fost impresionantă more | mai mult»

Daily Mail despre scandalul Stanciulescu / Elie Wiesel. Romania: Holocaust institute opposes journalist on TV board

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s Holocaust institute on Wednesday protested the appointment of a well-known journalist to the board of the country’s public television station, saying the move is disrespectful to the more | mai mult»

Colleraine Times : Sentence deferred on gang of Romanians on shoplifting raid

A Romanian gang which carried out a pre-Christmas shoplifting raid in Coleraine has had sentence deferred after a judge asked to see if they had any criminal records in their homeland, a more | mai mult»

The Guardian : Romania: hellhole or country of romance and mystery?

Romania’s image has taken a battering in the British press and our survey found it the EU country Britons would least like to live in. Carole Cadwalladr returns to Bucharest after 20 more | mai mult»


Romanian news in english

Romanian-Russian Religious War

“We are very concerned and, of course, the actions of the Romanian Patriarchy will have consequences”, Metropolitan Kiril of Smolensk and Kalingrad said

UE Might Approve Russian-Made Nuclear Power Plants in Europe

Bulgarian media says the European Union in a few days is about to give its approval for building the nuclear power plant at Belene.

The Procurement Of Transport Planes For The Military Still Under Scrutiny

The race for modernizing the Romanian military is on, with the contract won by Italy’s Alenia for transport military planes still under scrutiny.

Uninominal vote hysteria

On Sunday afternoon, during my show on Antena 3, Ion Iliescu and I agreed upon the advantages and disadvantages of the uninominal vote. The advantage given by the fact that the parties will be more responsible when naming their representatives and by the fact that the political environment will probably be more stable.

Parliament Looses Face In Battle Opposing Executive Offices

The Senate Speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu said both President Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu were making a mockery of the Parliament. Vacaroiu’s exact words were that the parliament was now “like a chicken house in the courtyard of both the presidency and the government,” while at stake was the “personal warfare between the president and the PM.”

Russia’s future and the west

Russia is again seeking a role as a global power and is therefore flexing its muscles. Signs of change in Russian foreign policy have been mounting ever since President Vladimir Putin delivered a confrontational speech in Munich last February.

What is the cost of the President’s crotchet

Even though it was clear that the responsibility for the uninominal vote will be of the Government, the Romanians will have a crucial change in the electoral system due to a signature of Traian Basescu on the Decree for the Organization of the Referendum. As expected, the costs of this decision are huge. Political and especially financial costs.

The Mayors want windmills in the Danube Delta

The mayors of the localities in the Danube Delta want windmills. Even though they are extremely dangerous for the biodiversity, they say this will help the economical development of the region.

Forced to stay in Italy

A Romanian 2-year old boy has been in a care center in Italy for four months. The parents don’t know anything about their child. The Romanian authorities sent all the papers to prove that the family can take care of the baby, but Gratian is yet to come back home.

The Hungarian Minority Presses For A Region Of Its Own

The Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, or UDMR, drafted a proposal for re-designing the make of the current eight euro-regions in Romania and turn them into 15, of which one is the former Hungarian Region set up during the Stalinist state

Romanians Protested In Rome Against Crime Committed By Fellow Immigrants

Tens of Romanians took part Saturday in a meeting in Rome, along Italians protesting the high level of crime perpetrated by immigrants in Italy.

NAD moles in the light!

The NAD says there were certain clues that led to the conclusion that the Minister of Agriculture, Decebal Traian Remes, has been bribed by businessman Ciorba to intervene in his favor for several auctions. The whole deal seems to have taken place with the help of Ioan Avram Muresan, former Minister of Agriculture.

SDP, the party with no teeth

Recently, Mircea Geoana showed the results of a survey requested by the International Republican Institute between the 28th of August and the 6th of September 2007

Romanian installation for Bistroe

The old Installations that were once used for building the Olt channel are dismantled by the Ukrainians to be used for the finishing the Bistroe Channel.



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